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Hi Everyone and welcome to my Father Christmas Blog,

" The Santamaker's Collection"

I hope you enjoy perusing through my creations and learning a little about the history of
the greatest legend of all...Santa Claus!

I started making Father Christmases about 20 years ago... just about the time that being a stay-at-home Mom was starting to make me a little "loopy". I loved being a Mom and able to take care of my girls full time but I also missed having "me time", so I would squeeze as much crafting as I could when ever there was a spare minute. It's funny, but I have always called them father Christmases because the type that I make resemble the old world, European style, versus the Jolly Santa ...

Having seen some handmade Santas in a magazine, beautifully displayed on a mantle..I fell in love. I wanted them ! Of course, I thought the prices were way too high... but now being on the other end of this, I can totally see that one does not go into this " santamaking" business to make money.
In fact, when I sit down to figure out my pay per hour, it's much less than minimum wage! I've been asked how long it takes to make one, but I've never logged the time, as each is different. Sometimes it takes days just to sculpt the face... I guess the average time would be about a week.
So much time is involved in sculpting each face, painting them, fashioning beards, mustaches, eyebrows and hair, creating the body, an armature for each figure with wire, wood and batting, selecting the fabrics and trims, cutting recycled furs for trimming hats and cuffs, designing each outfit and sewing them and then putting everything together to create a special character... oh yeah...and he's got to have gifts! Trees, toys, trinkets, presents, every little detail to make him unique!

Well, I enjoy most aspects of the process except one: cutting the fur. You have no idea what a mess this is! I end up with fur in my eyes, nose, ears , mouth... not to mention my clothes...

The aspect I enjoy most would be the thrill of the hunt... finding just the right fabrics, trims and treasures.

My purpose in creating these legendary figures is to celebrate the spirit of Christmas , which, I believe is the love we express to one another during this time which is symbolized by the "gift-giver" : Santa Claus. I take great care in making these one of a kind, hand sculpted pieces and my hope is that it will become a family treasured heirloom.

If you have any interest or questions about the Father Christmases on this post please email me at

Enough about the process....NOW...on with the show!

(prices range from $ 139 (18") to $ 350(about 27")

"Winter White Wishes" (available)

This beautiful Father Christmas is a vision of winter white in a linen and wool gown. He is about 27" tall and carries a walking stick. His presence is sure to be the focal point of any vignette.

"In the Garden" ( available)

Father Christmas is warm and cozy in his denim and quilted coat. He has been in the garden and carries a wheelbarrel full of fruits and flowers. Perched in the flowers is a handsome rooster. He will complement a country french decor as well as any Santa collector's wishes. On his back is a burlap sack filled with little treasures.

"Simply Elegant" ( sold )

A stunning Father Christmas decked out in mink, animal print, feathers and pearls. This truly one of a kind piece will be the center of attention in your home for the holidays. He brings an regal touch to the spirit of Christmas.
About 27".

Pere Noel (sold)
In the spirit of the French countryside, this Father Christmas is loaded with flowers, berries, a french rooster and a hand painted floral tray. His quilted coat and paisley gown are rich in color and flair and would be the highlight of a Country French inspired home. About 27" tall.

"A Classic Christmas"

What a classic Father Christmas, in his houndstooth black and white coat with black mink trim! Teddy bear, doll, rocking horse, wreath, french horn are some of the goodies he carries with him. About 27" tall. A must for any collector!

" Antique Noel " (SOLD)
This sweet Father Christmas is 26 1/2" tall. He is hand sculpted and carefully painted to impart a kind sentiment. His eyes are a beautiful soulfull ocean blue. He is wearing a coat made from an antique quilt . Carrying a Christmas tree, hobby horse, teddy bear, a wooden sled, puppet and a basket with a little country doll, is ready for Christmas night. ($350)

"Holiday Glamour" (sold)
This one of a kind 27" tall Father Christmas figure is loaded with charm. He is striking , decked out in a gorgeous beaded gown of crimson and black . His face was sculpted to impart warmth and joy to all around him. His beard is full and curly. He offers a Christmas tree, nutcracker, brass horn and a beautifully made birdhouse. On his right hand, he carries a victorian cone with a small white puppy.

"Christmas Wishes" (SOLD)

This 27" Father Christmas is smiling with a glimmer in his eye! He stands out in his blue and brown robe and hat trimmed in recycled mink fur. He's loaded down with goodies . Offering a set of pearls, a teddy bear, bird house, wreath and a beautiful star ornament. Resting on his shoulder is a Christmas tree , ready to make wishes come true. ($350)

"A Dickens Christmas" (SOLD)

A very dapper Father Christmas, this 27" figure evokes memories of an old fashioned Christmas season. He dons a houndstooth black and white classic coat trimmed with recycled furs . He offers a variety of trinkets for boys and girls in the many baskets he carries. ($350)

Be sure to click on this image to see the full size.

In his lantern is a flickering candle light.

The Teddy Collector
Who can resist the charming smile that this 27" Father Christmas so happily shares... He is being cuddled by cute little teddy bears and the one on top of his hat is feeling playful. A teddy collector is going to have a beary merry Christmas this year! His coat is made of many beautiful ribbons and his hat and cuffs are trimmed with recycled furs. He pulls a sled with a very smart little teddy bear reading his own bedtime story! ( $350 )

"Blue and White Toille" ($139)

This unique French inspired Father Christmas is outfitted in a velveteen sapphire blue coat with a blue and white toille gown. Trimmed in rich brown mink, he carries blue and white porcelain tea pot and a beautifully painted tray. Would look fabulous in any room! ( 18")

"A Victorian Patchwork"

This Father Christmas is about 22" tall. His coat is made up of velvet patchwork trimmed with ribbons and mink. He is loaded down with gifts for all who believe! ( $ 139 )

The following Father Christmases are 18" tall and are all handsculpted and trimmed in vintage furs.

Victorian Father Christmas:
Over the centuries, this legendary Christmas figure has taken many forms. He has captured the joy of sharing and the spirit of love for people the world over. In his luxurious coat and sumptuous fur trims, he embodies the opulence of the golden Victorian era.

Regal Traditions ( $159 )

In his luxurious floor length mink coat, this Father Christmas is ready for the
coldest of nights. His look is regal and his sack is rimming with treasures. They include a crystal tree sculpture, a vintage lace cloth, a nutcracker and a brass bicycle that spins.


"Victorian Dreams" ( Sold )

Created with a very soft palette of cream, gold and blueish green, he is trimmed in a rare winter white mink. He has a sweet disposition and is ready to add elegance and charm to a festive vignette.

Victorian Rose

This very prim and proper old gent is decked out in Victorian style.
His expression is gentle and he has kind eyes. Wearing a velvet coat in a burgundy rose color. The front of his coat is trimmed with a tapestry fabric and the bottom is adorned in a gold mink fur. ( $ 129 )

"Season's Greetings"

Dressed in the traditional red velvet, he is trimmed in ribbons and
silkly furs. With a brass lantern to guide him, he offers a Christmas
tree full of red berries, a cardinal, a wooden birdhouse, a violin and a stuffed teddy bear.

"A Winter's Night"
( ) (available)

This 18" Victorian Father Christmas dons a beautiful winter white
coat trimmed in white fur and gold brocade fabric. He is holding a crocheted
bag with a drum, violin and brass horn. In his right hand he
carries a crystal pendant. ( $ 139 )

Woodland Treasures (SOLD)

Trudging through the snowy woods surrounded by nature's winter beauty, Northwoods Father Christmas imparts a rustic feeling of warmth and generosity. Dressed in wools , he is a friend to the many animals he encounters on his journeys. ( $ 139)

This father Christmas wears a coat of navy wool with a center inset of an antique quilt.He lovingly holds a basket with a fawn curled up along the pinecones and berries.

With his rustic bird house and walking stick, he has been looking out for his woodland

A Snowy Night
Snowy Night (sold)

Warmly clad in his winter white knitted coat, he calls out
to the little birds that he encounters on his rounds. With one perched on his hand , the others snuggled in the flower basket, he whistles to them as he makes his way through the snowy night. ( $ 139 ) SOLD


The Original Santa Claus: The Bishop of Myra (SOLD)
The original Santa Claus was born in Myra, an ancient seaport on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. He became archbishop and later known for his unsurpassed generosity which led him to become the patron saint of Russia, Greece and many other European countries.

He was also renown for being the patron saint of maidens. Legend says that he helped three sisters, who could not marry, because their father did not have enough money for their dowries. He climbed on the roof of their house and threw sacks of gold down the chimney. They happened to land inside the girls' stockings which were hung by the fire to dry. Statues of the Bishop often show him holding three balls to symbolize the sacks of gold, which he anonymously donated. The memory of this benevolent bishop is still alive today.. for he symbolizes the true spirit of the yuletide and brings joy to children the world over. ( $ 139 )

"NorthWoods Father Christmas"

This rustic Father Christmas is totally covered in a beautifully made
full length coat. He is from the coldest Northwoods region. His wooden sled, heart shaped grapevine wreath and rustic bird house invites his feathered friends to keep him company on his journey. ( $ 159 )

Beautiful from the back as well, he dons a sumptuous floorlength fur coat.

I will be adding more as I complete them. Let me know if you have any questions.

Email me at with any questions or comments you might have.


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Diane said...

Rose, They're all breathtaking! A lot of them look very much like my husband too! :0} Diane

Lynne said...

Rose, this are absolutely gorgeous.Your talent is beyond words..enjoy your w/k.. I think you deserve a much needed break my dear...hugs ~lynne~

Anonymous said...

Your talent should be shown to the world.


laurie said...

Oh Rose, they are all so wonderful. As I was looking at them, I was thinking that I was glad I didn't have so many to select from when I got mine. Then, I went and looked at mine and knew I would have chosen him anyway. I loved reading about how you make them. Each of them is so unique. What talent you have! laurie

ceekay said...

Oh, I cannot stand it. They are just exquisite. Don't you need to adopt me for something???? I know what would be on my Christmas list!!

profenretraite said...

Rose..These are gorgeous! And I love that you make Father Christmas and not our American version. That really allows for the rich fabrics and furs. Everything is perfect, down to the little presents. No wonder you need a break! Hope you enjoy yourself.....Debbie

Cottage Rose said...

Hey Rose; I am just so amazed at your talent in making these Father Christmas. I just love them, you do wonderful work and the detail wow.


9405018--Pat said...

Wow, absolutely beautiful...thanks for sharing...Pat H

Kristens Creations said...

They are gorgeous!! You do fabulous work, so many details! I bet these do take you a while to make. Kristen

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Oh, my goodness, Rose...these are so magnificent. How blessed you are to have such a wonderful talent. You are just wonderful.
Have a good break...
love, bj

nikkicrumpet said...

Unbelievable! I can't even imagine being able to create such glorious things with your hands. I'm in awe!

imjacobsmom said...

Rose, they are all absolutely beautiful! I wouldn't know which one I would chose first. All the little details, the rich fabrics, the furs, the little gifts and even their twinkly little eyes.

Gypsy aka Tam said...

each one of your Father Christmas are just simply amazing. The expressions on their face. The detail in their outfits and presents, the color themes and the craftmanship. I'm absolutly in love with all of them. Unbelievable!!!
Being from Europe I do prefer the look of an 'Old World' Father Christmas to the jolly Santa.
You are an amazing artist.
Have a wonderful weekend,

mrsben said...

Breathtaking and delightful Rose!

If only these gents could strut their stuff on the catwalks of Paris, London, Milan, Tokyo and New York. Oh what a buzz they'd cause in the Fashion Industry!
Their apparel and accesories are exquisite and definitely a break through in Haute Couture a Prèt-à-porter creations.

I just love them all!!!!

salmagundi said...

I finally made it over here from your regular blog. The Santas are magnificent; your talent just shines through. Congratulations on making works of art!! Sally

EmBee said...

So I can place my order by e-mailing you or should I place it here in the comment section?

abeachcottage said...

to be honest I cannot believe how talented you are, as others have said...I'm assuming that you want to only sell them through yourself, otherwise they would be in *the* best stores


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Mimi's Rose Chenille Boutique said...

What beautiful Santas! If I had to pick a favorite, I couldn't!! Absolutely stunning in every way! Thank you for sharing your beautiful Santas!


Pinky said...

Oh my goodness ....they are ALLL so beautiful! I will have to study them to see which are my favorites will I pick????

Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) said...

Rose...your Father Christmases are absolutely amazing! It would take me a lifetime to make one. You are sooo creative. Love all the fabrics you've chosen. I agree with gotta get these into some of the high end gift stores or Christmas stores...or into a Neiman Marcus'd have to hire a staff to deal with all those orders! :-) Susan

Tootsie said...

they are all so beautiful....I tried to follow this blog...but the follow thingy is not working...

~♥~ Monica S said...

WOOOOOW!! They are all so beautiful!!!!

Monica (Norway)

Chari said...

Hello Rose...

I wanted to come over and check on you, my's been awhile since I've heard from you!!! But I know that you've been a busy little Santa's elf...hehe!!!

Rose, your Father Christmases are absolutely amazing!!! They are the most beautiful that I've ever seen!!! I just can't believe all of the time and work that goes into making them...from hand carving and painting those beautifully intricate faces...down to sewing their beautiful frocks!!! Oh yes, not to mention all the decorative details that you add to them...each Santa is truly a work of art!!!

Well...I love each and every one of your Santas but I must say that "A Dicken's Christmas" Santa really takes my eye...I think that his houndstooth coat is so's just unexpected and I love that!!! I love all of his many baskets full of goodies!!! Rose, you are such a talented lady!!! I wish you well on your Santa making...Merry Christmas Sweetie!!!

Love ya,

Miss Laura Lu/RMS4291960 said...

Hello Rose! You are truly an artist! These are breathtaking! My favorites are the Victorian Patchwork and especially the Woodland Treasures. I'm going to have to save up my money and purchase one of your handmade treasures! My husband and boys are hunters and love nature! Anything along that line I am definitely interested in. Thank you so much! God Bless! Lauralu :)

fannipauline said...

Your Father Christmas's are absolutely spectacular You have everything down to the beauty of the costumes and toys. Everything is just beautiful. What an ARTIST you are. They are some of the very best I have ever seen. My congratulations to you on the beauty you create for the world to enjoy. Blessings....Pauline

Tardevil said...

Was @ Biltmore this weekend and thought about you. They had some nice Mark Roberts Santas in their gift shop, as well as Santas from another artist that were selling for around $500. You should sell your Santas in their gift shop. They look just as good, if not better!

Lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart) said...

Hi my dear friend, I came over to see your beautiful collection once again. They are breath taking. What talent. Your eye for detail is incredible. I wish you the Happiest and Joyous of Holidays Rose. hugs ~lynne~